My Clients come from all walks of life & experiences – young couples in love, professionals, scholars, doctors, artists, engineers, laborers, marketers, scientists, mature married partners, retired seniors, children, teens, blended families, alternative lifestyles, etc… looking for effective counselling to learn??new, healthy ways to resolve difficult problems and to live their BEST Life.  At True Life Consulting, I collaborate with you to provide real solutions that work for YOU.

Often you may have a strong desire to change an area of your life, but despite your best efforts, you feel ‘stuck’ …

The world will tell you that, “Change is hard, so why bother?!”  However, we know the truth that “If nothing changes –  nothing changes.”   So our life situation can remain sad & painful with “same old, same old” …  Alternatively, we can choose to risk and hope again – taking courage, initiative & personal responsibility to learn & practice letting go of the old patterns to integrate new, healthy changes.  In doing so, we??can embrace a refreshing experience of  “new life” with renewed energy, leading us to a balanced & rewarding life of well-being, hope & purpose.

I work with individuals, couples, partners, marriages, families and groups who feel ‘stuck‘ & cope with unresolved issues that are impacting areas of their present life with symptoms such as – frustration, confusion, anger, conflict, pain, suffering, loss of energy & hope, anxiety, depression, isolation, despair, substance abuse, addictions, broken relationships or poor health.

I work in collaborative partnership with you to clarify the deep root issues, and together we find real answers – by creating an effective & efficient plan to practice new actions & positive responses to support healthy, progressive changes to reach a “win/win” resolution for you & your loved ones, with no need for on-going, long-term counselling.

Clients who complete the counseling work have reported many benefits ~ increased clarity of thought & self-confidence in decision making, greater ability to trust themselves & others,??stronger personal boundaries, gained new insights & made better choices,  healthier social network, renewed energy & interest to pursue new activities or career, peaceful communication at home & workplace, a higher level of trust & intimacy in relationships, a renewed hope, joy, purpose & passion for their life & future.

Contact me to discuss how your needs and my experience & training can assist you in moving beyond troubling issues towards restoring energy & hope through new, healthy resolutions that work.