Clients in Counselling Therapy Experience Many Benefits:

  • learn to identify the root cause(s) of Stress, Anxiety, Depression, practicing new ways to peaceful, inner calm
  • build a healthy Personal Identity, increase Self-Esteem & Self-Confidence
  • let go of Co-Dependency patterns, and practice new healthy Boundaries
  • practice effective Relational, Communication & Inter-personal Skills to connect with others
  • learn to process past Abuse, Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • manage Chronic Pain through new Core Beliefs & healthy Thoughts & Positive Changes
  • learn to resolve Frustration, Hurt, Anger, Fear, Loneliness,  Isolation
  • learn new healthy Thoughts, identify Feelings, practice healthier Behaviors
  • learn new ways to build Intimacy, Trust & Lasting Relationships ~ Individuals, Couples, Family
  • gain new Understanding & Insights to build healthy Relationships ~ Couples, Premarital, Marriage, Family
  • learn how to Transform & Empower Self through the changes of Life Stages & Career Transitions
  • experience Healing for Relationship Loss, Separation, Divorce Recovery
  • journey through Loss & Grief to a healing place of Inner Peace, Calm & Healthy Living
  • lean to resolve the ‘PAST’, live well your ‘PRESENT’, engage a hopeful ‘FUTURE’
  • learn to write your Rewarding ‘New-Life Story’ ~ filled with Hope, Purpose, Passion, Love
  • discover & embrace your “Inner Child” ~ Self-Acceptance, Peace,??Safety & Security, Power, Freedom, Love

Judy’s Philosophy ~ we are “Born to Win” – I facilitate a personal journey to embrace healing changes leading to your “True-Self” that is authentic, congruent, consistent, compassionate,  freeing, healing, hopeful, loving, powerful, purposeful, passionate – Creating & Sharing a rewarding Life Story in healthy relationship with Self & others.

Goals of professional counseling ~ therapist & client collaborate together to identify the issues/problems, to learn & practice healthy solutions that will effectively meet the client’s needs & reach their set goals – with progress & measurable results, and no need for long-term, on-going therapy.

Together, we work to:

– Identify hidden, internal conflicts & perceived limitations, in order to Release the emotional stress & the anxiety of unhealthy beliefs & behavior patterns

– Learn & practice the new perceptions, perspectives & core beliefs, to effective positive changes & adopt healthier behaviors – for re-newed hope, life energy & compassion

– Choose an “Action Plan” to Practice new changes to build personal power & self-confidence to reach your set goal for lasting health & well-being

New outcome – a healthier Balance & Passion for Life ~

* You will experience an increased life energy & vibrancy to pursue and achieve your hopes & dreams.

* You will find a new ability & capacity to both give and receive higher levels of trust, intimacy, grace, and forgiveness – leading to healthy, loving & lasting relationships.