Where does all the fake love come from?  Is it them or is it me?”   ~ Mel K.

The more precious any treasure is, the more fakes are created around it.  And what is a greater treasure than love?

Inauthentic love abounds, and every variety is hollow at its core.  Some of it is just plain deception:  If you love me, you will lie for me, cheat for me, look the other way, let me do whatever I want.  Some fakes are more subtle:  If you love me, you will flatter me, laugh at my jokes, buy me expensive presents, never hurt my feelings.

Real loving is so difficult that the substitutes may seem more attractive.  Authentic love is trusting; fake love is not.  Authentic love dares to try.  How many times we think of saying, doing, or writing something to express our love!  But most of the time we don’t do it because we’re afraid of the consequences.  They might think we are foolish; they might not understand.  In short, we don’t trust.  But their ability to understand and trust isn’t the problem – ours is.

Today, I will search my heart for phony ideas about love.  I will begin preparing myself to give the gift of trust.

~ Days of Healing, Days of Joy ~ Aug 27; HMS