Judy ChanJudy is a Master Practitioner in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy, MPCP; Registered Professional Counsellor, RPC; CCPCPR ~ a full member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselors Association (CPCA), the Canadian College of Professional Counselors & Psychotherapists (CCPCP);  integrating the best of Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s Attachment Theories in Developmental Psychology; Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotional Focused Therapy, EFT;  Prepare-Enrich for Couples/Marriage Counselling; Transactional Analysis, TA; Genesis Process Addictions Recovery; Neuroplasticity of the Brain; Quantum Theory; Structural Integration Therapy.

Judy’s counseling & psychotherapy practice incorporates an Integrative Approach, designed to meet a client’s individual needs through the best of  Emotional Attachment development & growth,  Core Beliefs, Family Sytems, Relational Dynamics, Transactional Analysis/T.A. Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative, SpiritualHolistic Counseling. 

Judy’s unique Integrative Approach is potentmeeting the Client’s individual needs for healthy changes by providing them with new understanding & insights, skills & tools to learn & practice real solutions that work.

Clients have found the Integrative Approach to be highly effective & efficient to meet their individual needs for finding healthy resolutions and lasting results that work – often with no need for long-term therapy.  Together, we identify & let go of obstacles & old patterns that keep us “stuck”, then learn & practice new, healthy & responsible changes to achieve your set goals for healthy functioning & well-being.

Judy leads ‘Life Solutions’ groups to facilitate personal & relational growth, mental health education & emotional well-being.

Judy’s focus is results-orientedfor Clients to efficiently move through their counseling process -??resolving old hurts, frustration, anger, conflicts,??past issues, hopelessness, feeling ‘stuck’ & in despair… and to new experiences of healthy functioning & well-being, empowered, freedom, renewed energy & a joy-filled, purposeful life with no need for ongoing, long-term therapy.

Judy’s Philosophy ~ we are “Born to Win” – I facilitate a personal journey to embrace healing changes leading to your “True-Self” that is authentic, congruent, consistent, compassionate,  freeing, healing, hopeful, loving, powerful, purposeful, passionate – Creating & Sharing a rewarding True-Life story in healthy relationship with Self & others.

Judy’s Life Story is created around family – husband & two adult children, friends, outdoor adventures, arts & music, personal development, spiritual growth??& healthy living.  She counsels clients in Kelowna & area, leads ‘Life Solutions’ groups & volunteers.

Contact Judy to discuss your needs and how her experience & training can assist you in moving beyond coping with troubling issues to finding Effective Life Solutions ~ re-newing energy, hope, freedom & purpose… Embracing your authentic ‘True-Self’ ~ Creating & Sharing your rewarding True-Life.

“… be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.” ~ Goethe