Judy is a Master Practitioner in Counselling Psychology & Psychotherapy, MPCP; Registered Professional Counsellor, RPC; CCPCPR ~ a full member in good standing with the Canadian Professional Counselors Association (CPCA),??the Canadian College of Professional Counselors & Psychotherapists (CCPCP); integrating the best of Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s Attachment Theories in Developmental Psychology; Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotional Focused Therapy, EFT; Prepare-Enrich for Couples/Marriage Counselling; Transactional Analysis, TA; Genesis Process Addictions Recovery; Neuroplasticity of the Brain; Quantum Theory; Structural Integration Therapy.

Beginnings ~ Judy’s interest in counseling began as an adolescent struggling to understand her parents who were there – yet not present, and the complex dualism of functioning in two diverse ethnic cultures, languages & philosophies -Chinese & Canadian. Having no road map or mentor to guide a way through the chaos & confusion to reach understanding, her questions went unanswered,  leading to misunderstandings, false beliefs, much loss & suffering.  She became a “seeker” – searching for solid answers through ‘self-help’ counseling articles/books, philosophies, spirituality & counseling therapy.

Life Experiences & Losses ~ in Judy’s 50+ years, she has had to overcome numerous challenges: before 5 yrs – the tragic death of a parent from cancer, life in a children’s shelter, foster home & abuse, step-parent wounds & parent’s addictions; school-age/teen years – racial discrimination & bullying, English as a second language, unhealthy relationships & rape trauma; adult – marriage relationship abuse, separation, divorce, single-parenting & poverty, health challenges, mature college student, remarriage, death of parent, career & life transitions, adult children, etc… and she knew there were real answers to know her True-Self & to move forward.

Counselling Experiences ~ Judy had sought counseling help during these stressful times of loss & life transitions, and she experienced many unhealthy counseling situations where she had a deeper knowing & understanding of the issues than the therapist.  Following a healthy experience with an exceptionally potent counselor/therapist, she was encouraged to change careers & re-train as a counsellor/therapist. “Your broken childhood, difficult life experiences & losses, plus your resulting gifts, talents, abilities & resiliency combined with professional counseling skills have made you a potent counselor/therapist for clients seeking real-life solutions that work.” B. Kendall, RN, BScN, MPCP, RPC, CCPCP.

True-Self ~ is a life grounded in one’s Authenticity, Congruency, Consistency & Compassion in one’s unique, inner character strengths, talents, abilities & giftings which result as one “rises out of the ashes” having been changed & refined through the scorching fires of personal losses. The transformation process is a growing journey of “healing from the inside – out” – through the practices of self-awareness, compassionate self-care, self-acceptance, embracing one’s brokenness, practicing spirituality of personal growth & development, inner-healing, restoring balance, renewing energy & a vibrant life – full of anticipation, inner peace & calm, joy, hope, pupurposepassion, compassion & love…to “pay it forward” serving others through??the riches of ones’ life.

Judy’s professional counselling & psychotherapy practice is licensed through CPCA’s competency & values based requirements, and CCPCP’s high ethical standards.  Judy’s counselling/therapy provides her clients  Excellence with Integrity ~ working with clients to integrate the best healing psychology theories & life practices to meet their individual needs & reach their set goals.

“I practice True-Self – living my life with authenticity, congruency, consistency & compassion through ongoing personal growth, professional development & competency, and spiritual renewal.?? I create & share a rewarding life through engaging with family & friends, seeking outdoor adventures, creative arts & music, and I “pay it forward” in professional counselling/therapy practice with clients & through community volunteering.”

“True-Self * True-Life ~ this is the reward of doing my personal work and continuing to practice principles of personal growth, balanced & holistic living – in compassionate care & respect for myself and for others.”



This above all else – to thine own self be true & then it follows as night the day, thou canst not be false to any man.”  ~  Shakespeare


“… be the change you want to see in the world.??? ~ Mahatma Gandhi


We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.” ~ Gabor Mate, M.D.